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Go is an open source programming language supported by Google.

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为什么选择 Go

  • 简单易学

    “开始的时候,我们团队没有一个成员了解 Go,但是一个月后,我们每个人都开始用 Go 写代码,我们当时正在构建终端服务。正是 Go 的灵活性、易用性及其一流的理念(Go 如何处理本机并发、垃圾回收,当然还有安全性和运行速度)等在构建过程中帮了我们。毕竟,谁能战胜这只可爱的吉祥物呢!”

    - CapitalOne 高级软件开发经理 Jaime Enrique Garcia Lopez

  • 高效开发

    一门快速编译的小巧语言会创造一个快乐的开发者。 Go 语言很小,编译速度很快,因此你可以把精力更多集中在实际的问题上,而不必在意解决问题的工具。编码、测试以及调试周期是如此之快,以至于让你误以为自己在使用解释型语言。看下你的代码,你会发现有更少的重复代码(boilerplate)以及更多的业务逻辑。”

    - RedHat Open Shift 首席工程师 Clayton Coleman

  • 功能强大

    Go 语言有出色的可伸缩特性,用 Go 写的服务通常占用很小的内存。因为代码会编译成单个静态二进制文件,服务也可以轻松地进行容器化,所以构建和部署也就更加简单。所有这些特性使得 Go 成为构建微服务的理想选择, 因为你可以轻松地将其部署到 Kubernetes 等高可用和可伸缩的环境中。”

    - Curve 首席软件工程师 Matt Boyle

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借助主流的云服务提供商上强大的工具和 API 生态系统,使用 Go 构建服务比以往更加容易。

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使用 Go 的一些流行的开源包,以及健壮的标准库,创建快速、优雅的 CLI(Command-line Interface) 。

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Web 开发

通过提高内存性能和对多种 IDE 的良好支持,Go 可以快速的、 灵活的支持 Web 应用程序的开发

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DevOps & Site Reliability

With fast build times, lean syntax, an automatic formatter and doc generator, Go is built to support both DevOps and SRE.

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Learn Go

“I started writing in Go when I was just out of college and couldn’t believe how quickly I picked it up, especially compared to other languages. I had spent months learning about how to build APIs in other languages (and mostly failing), but after a week of writing Go, I had completed my first API.”

- Kaylyn Gibilterra, Senior Software Engineer, Capital One

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  • meetup logo

    Nov 15, 2019

    Leipzig, Germany

    Leipzig Golang and Cloud Native Meetup #8

    We enjoy using Go and we are curious about the language, its features and applications, especially in the context of cloud computing and infrastructure.
    Our goal is to establish a place, where people from all backgrounds interested in the Go programming language and various cloud technologies can meet, learn, share experiences, present, discuss and network.
    We aim to be a welcoming community, respecting Gopher values, as outlined here:

    Find out more on: and

    Since March 2019, we are part of the Go Developer Network:

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  • Golang Gurgaon Meetup group photo

    Nov 16, 2019

    Gurgaon, India

    Golang Gurgaon Meetup

    This group is for people interested in learning both the programming language Go(lang), and how to build interesting things with it. We will aim the first few sessions at beginner-intermediate levels and maybe later introduce some high-level talks.
    Want to help organise/volunteer? - Find something to do at and reach out to me.
    Also, meet fellow gophers on Slack.

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  • Go faz 10 anos! group photo

    Nov 16, 2019

    Curitiba, Brazil

    Go faz 10 anos!

    Esse é o chapter de Curitiba do Women Who Go, um grupo que reúne mulheres e outras minorias de gênero pra estudar a linguagem de programação chamada Go.
    Queremos construir uma comunidade de Golang mais diversa. Vem, gente!
    tl;dr: Women Who Go - Curitiba Chapter





    Site WWG

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